Portugal: Food 

   This from the land by the sea: fish of many names. Dorado. Bream. And octopus. Barnacles. So much salt cod, so many canned sardines. Olives, of course. Cheese, ham, sausages. In Lisbon the little pies they call pastel de nato, flaky with a custard filling. Sprinkle them with cinnamon from the shaker on the counter. In Porto, tripe. Even with white beans and cumin, we are not sure. Potatoes. Shredded kale. Veal they braised for hours in port wine and cloves. Chorizo. Omelet. Eclair. Bread on every table. Tuna mixed with black eyes peas. Lupine you squeeze salty from the skin into your mouth. Salad of sliced tomatoes drizzled with oil and vinegar. Wine. Always wine. Coffee and wine. 
October 6, 2015


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