KonMari Weekend: Day 3

032215Saying goodbye to the blue Mixie dress I wore so often, so classic. To the tan wedges I don’t love as much as the other wedges I bought later. To the plaid wool pants i bought at Goodwill and to the Jackie O style blazer I always thought I’d wear and didn’t. Goodbye to those trouser jeans, to lace thongs, to the nightgown I wore after surgery. To the mauve cashmere sweater my mom gave me and the gray sheath dress and the long silk sweater in a bright blue that was never me. It is a luxury to ask, “Does it spark joy?” The virtue, I think, is in making do, making the best of what you have. My friend L and I discussed this when she came over to peruse what I was giving away. She walked out with some goodies — the green cross-body bag, the red one I carried when I drove across the country, a black cardigan with a shawl collar.0322151 I’ve set aside a few other piles for others. I can’t go back and un-buy the things I bought, un-accept the gifts I accepted, un-do the accumulation that accumulated. But it sparked joy to see L grab a few fine things, and it sparks joy to imagine the Jackie O blazer being enjoyed by someone else who will find it just the thing. From here on out I will ask “Does it spark joy?” before bringing something new in. And I’ll carry these six bags to the car, then to Goodwill, and send them off to find new homes. Then I’ll pause to appreciate the space I have made, space the cat has claimed already for himself.

March 22, 2015


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