These Two

031615So alike, from high forehead and deep-set eyes to tendency to talk over anyone in the room. Smart. Incisive. Ever reading, gathering data so that they are suddenly spouting about bitcoins or women’s rights in Eastern Europe or Jimmy Durante. Staying up too late. Forgetting to eat. Sweeping in to make everyone feel at home. Quick on their feet. Laughing. Dancing. Joking. Effusive. Unabashed over crispy brussel sprouts, smoky brisket, the touch of cardamom in the gelato. Fearless in social situations. Connectors. Bridge builders. Big thinkers. Writers of sweet cards you tuck in your suitcase and carry with you. Story tellers. Gesticulators. Endearing. Adorable. Father and daughter. Family.

March 16, 2015

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