On Walls

021215Some days my work is about people around a table, their voices, ideas, the texts that bring us greater understandings. Some days my work is about plans and budgets and agendas, and has anyone checked the UT email lately? Some days it is about walls, those barriers real and imagined that block access to adult students, those barriers that reinforce the status quo. Lately I’ve been nudging my shoulder against one of those walls, working slowly on how to scale it or knock it down. It makes me angry and sad and steaming about injustice. This wall says that where you were before matters more than where you are now, that what you owe is more important than what you can do. Pay, it says. Pay, pay, pay. Meanwhile, these bright limestone walls are being erected next door around the new duplex we wouldn’t have chosen. There are iron gates open enough to walk right through. So the massive stone walls keep nothing out, keep nothing in. What do you say to that? What do you say?

February 12, 2015

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