2014: a 365 project

011715This is the book that was made from last year’s daily practice. And this is what I wrote about it on Facebook: At the end of the year, I completed a 365 photo project and then turned the whole thing into a book. It arrived today, and it offers such a sweet walk through my 2014, complete with cats and boardwalk and family meals and Free Minds evenings and Spain and spouse and flora and fauna, including an elephant seal. This post is to say that having a daily practice is such a powerful thing, even if it’s not in the art that you usually practice. It turns out this small action connected me to my days and creativity in ways I hadn’t experienced in years. I’ve got a new project cooking for 2015, and I want to say if you’ve thought of doing a 365 project, go for it. You won’t regret it.

(You can find my 365 project at (http://365project.org/vivellos/365).

January 17, 2015


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