Living Up To My Fluevogs

010915Certain shoes can only be bought in the moment, on site, when they reach out and call to you. They are too good for online ordering, free shipping, bored Sunday afternoon internet browsing. A few years ago I was walking around Minneapolis with a dear friend, and we popped into a funky shoe store. Among the cork-soled Mephistos and rocker footbeds of the Danskos, I saw these Fluevogs. Not quite saddle shoes, edgier than typical flats, I wanted them. My friend said, “Those are you.” The price tag was sobering, and they didn’t have my size. We moved on.

So on New Year’s day in Greenwich village a few years later, we passed a Fluevog store on the way to brunch. Afterwards, we looped back and walked through admiring the architecture of the shoes, the two designers with me picking them up and considering the heels, the contrast stitching and dyed leathers. And there were the shoes again. I tried them on. I walked back and forth in front of the mirror. Chris said, with a certainty that surprised me, “Buy them.” It was January 1. In a few hours we would fly home and enter a year of work and schedules and responsibilities. The shoes said quality. Personality. Not settling for the standard. If I live up to their example in 2015, I will have done well.

January 9, 2015

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